Spring Equinox: Celebrating Change

Today is the Spring Equinox (for those of us in the northern hemisphere)… the day when the sun passes over the equator and the length of day and night are (relatively) equal. It also happens to be my birthday!

Time of Renewal

As you probably already know, springtime is usually associated with a sense of renewal, change, cleansing, and new beginnings. And equinoxes in general tend to signify a balance between light and dark, life and death. As those of us in the north begin to emerge from our winter shelters, as the earth begins to warm from the lengthening daylight, the spring equinox brings with it a sense of new life… seeds sprouting and the emergence of a new or forgotten path as its icy covering begins to melt. The return of the light reminds us that it always comes back eventually.

What a Time for Change!

Of course, current events being what they are (viral pandemic, tumultuous election season, and such), many people are struggling to see the light right now. With canceled events, school closures, and empty grocery shelves, I am definitely feeling the effects of this crisis in many ways… and though I’m limiting my exposure to social media (to preserve my own mental health), from what I can tell, others are feeling it, too.

I had planned a special yoga sequence and meditation event this Saturday to help my students and I celebrate the equinox, but the universe had other ideas. It’s interesting trying to supporting others during a global pandemic (let alone celebrate a birthday)… requiring a renewed intention to make sure I balance my own self care with giving back in the ways I can. All this uncertainty is really putting my principles to the test. As much as I thought I was learning to slow down, connect with nature, and let go of that which does not serve me–well, let’s just say, I’m still learning.

My Spring Gift to You

But despite it being my birthday, I still want to focus on giving back to my community. So in lieu of teaching a group class in person, I thought I would record a little meditation to share with you here. Deciding what to guide you toward was not as straight forward as it would be in a more “normal” time. It feels a little ridiculous to be trying to set intentions during a time of such uncertainty. My thoughts of what this equinox means for me and others right now are more about how we move through this time in a more mindful and connected way, how to tune into ourselves and our feelings to live authentically in this moment–not by figuring it all out in our heads, but by feeling it out in our bodies.

I’d love for you to give it a listen, and if you enjoy it, maybe consider sharing with someone you know who could use a little compassionate mindfulness right now. If you try it out, I would love to hear how it goes! You can email any comments, questions, or reflections to me at info@kristycronkrite.com.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Additional Support

Finally, many people I know have been sharing various ways to support ourselves and each other while we all practice various forms of self-isolation and/or social distancing and I wanted to share some of those I have found particularly helpful:

Free E-Course

One of my mentors, Rebecca Altman of Wonder Botanica, is offering a FREE online 5-day course called Surrender + Magic. Check out the details here and join me in this journey of reflection and introspection. She’s already put out the materials for Days 1 & 2, so you can get started right away.

Free Weekly Community Support Call

Another mentor of mine, Sylvia Poareo of Connecting Within, is offering a FREE weekly community support call for mamas. Join her to to explore the challenges, share what’s working, and strengthen self care. Weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm PDT, you can see details and join the call via her website at www.connectingwithin.com/community-support/.

Online Yoga Classes

Stream live or recorded classes via an existing platform, such as:

  • My Yoga Ohana: a local studio in Corona with several online class options; visit their website and check out their offerings.
  • Cara Fraser Yoga: a local teacher/studio offering online classes via donation; visit her website and sign up for her email list to be notified of the next online classes.
  • Practice with Dana: a “choose your price” online platform creating accessible yoga options and donating proceeds to families in need during the pandemic; check out her offerings via her website.

One-on-One Guided Meditation Sessions

And if you would like more support with your meditation practice, consider taking advantage of my new offering: private guided meditation sessions via video-conference (using Zoom) available by donation now through April 30, 2020 (you choose what you can afford; no one turned away for lack of funds). A few of my clients have already donated enough to sponsor at least two free sessions for those in need, so please reach out if you’re interested but cannot pay.

Click here for more information about private meditation sessions.