Kristy Cronkrite

Hi, I’m Kristy. I’m a highly sensitive, work-from-home mom of two who enjoys being in nature, quiet reflection, and connection with the web of life.

I am a 2020 graduate of The Wonder Sessions and trained Guide/Moderator at Wonder Botanica. I received my Yoga Instructor certification in 2017 from YA-accredited Full Circle Yoga and my Life Coach certification in 2022 from ICF-accredited CLCI. I am also an ongoing follower of Somatic Joy coach Jes Baker. Based on these teachings and my 10+ years of practicing intuitive movement, somatic embodiment, inner child / self-reclamation work, and energy medicine, I provide support for others to develop their own practice of self-care through embodied mindfulness.

My focus is on helping clients tap into their innate wisdom and intuition through mindfulness, body awareness, and connection to the energetic/spiritual realm.

While I identify as an introvert, I can be a great pseudo-extrovert when it suits me, especially when discussing my passions (including crochet and Outlander novels). As a biracial person raised and living in the U.S., I am committed to ongoing learning in anti-racism, trauma-informed care, and decolonialization.