"I can't fully explain how meaningful the work we did was to me. Kristy really listened to me while also encouraging me to connect with my body, to tune in physically to how I was experiencing life, so that I could also listen to messages my body was trying to express. This is not a practice that I have ever done before, and yet it is one that I can now see is so important and that I will continue to develop and incorporate in my self-care. Kristy has a gift of cutting through any distractions, and bringing focus to those areas that are in need of attention. She asked very intuitive questions, which helped guide me to really tune-in to my body, and pinpoint somatic responses I was experiencing, and then to explore those. Her intuitive gift led to really focused and productive sessions, where I left feeling empowered on how to tend to myself and live in more authenticity. I would not hesitate to recommend her support to any of my friends. She is a gift."  ~Susanne

"I attended Kristy’s meditation class and it really was a transformative experience. I have always been a very active person and one that typically fidgets thru savasana and checks off my mental to do lists! Slowly I have learned to relax. However I had never taken a meditation class. This year has been a difficult one for me and I struggled with deep sadness. Kristy’s gentle voice, soothing words helped me get to a peaceful place within myself and truly understand acceptance. She is amazing and I definitely think helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her and her classes."  ~AD

"A deeply nurturing and healing experience, for mind, body and spirit."   ~AH

"I was lucky enough to do a series of 1 on 1 yoga sessions with Kristy and had great results. She made me feel very comfortable, listened to all of my concerns and aches/pains, and asked intelligent questions in order to get a feel for what I needed. She addressed each of my physical issues individually, as well as my body as a whole. After every session, I felt relaxed, yet energized.

"She created a customized home yoga program for me that was creative, but also easy enough for me to do on my own. Over the course of my sessions with her, she gave me new insight and perspective on my problem areas and increased my body awareness. My hip pain decreased substantially, and my strength and flexibility increased! Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, I highly recommend working with Kristy!"  ~AA