“I really enjoy the meditation sessions you lead. You have a lovely gentle and genuine way of connecting and it always engages me. I always tell you that you make me cry in a good way. Tears of joy happen and peace always transcends. I intend to strengthen my meditation practice, and I was happy to learn from you some ‘small-step’ ideas as to how to begin. The few meditation you guided were a series of doors opening for me. At the present time in my life I have been doing a great deal of reflecting on my past life and the lives of people near and dear to me. You have helped me see even more clearly the vision of life that I have been searching for. Your mindfulness meditation radiate joy, enthusiasm and good will towards yourself and others. I am truly inspired.”


“I attended Kristy’s meditation class and it really was a transformative experience. I have always been a very active person and one that typically fidgets thru savasana and checks off my mental to do lists! Slowly I have learned to relax. However I had never taken a meditation class. This year has been a difficult one for me and I struggled with deep sadness. Kristy’s gentle voice, soothing words helped me get to a peaceful place within myself and truly understand acceptance. She is amazing and I definitely think helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her and her classes.”


“Kristy’s guided meditation moved me to connect with a safe and nurtured space within myself during a time of stress and change. Her voice is gentle, clear, and soothing, like coming into a warm, inviting home. She is also my #1 resource for any questions I have about herbal & plant medicine!”