Support in Times of Uncertainty

I don’t know about you, but so many people I know (myself included) are tuning into all the uncertainty lately. While I feel like we’ve been on the cusp of social change for a while (like, the last decade or so), the last 3 years have seemed to speed things up, and naturally that leads to more uncertainty. Whether you’re excited about all this change or not, it can still be super-unsettling to move about in a world that is shifting so quickly (human nervous systems were not designed for such fast-paced change). 

Good News: Support is Available!

It is times like these that have me feeling deep gratitude for the mindfulness and reparenting practices I’ve been honing the last several years… yet, sometimes they may not seem like enough. That’s why I’m even more grateful for two new resources that I want to share with you:

Free New Mini-Course from Wonder Botanica!

If you follow me on social media, you know I’m super excited about a great new mini-course from Rebecca over at Wonder Botanica: Surrender + Magic! And it’s FREE! 

Navigating a world full of the unknown can be terrifying… something Rebecca understands better than anyone. Over the years, she’s developed a practice of returning to trust and connection that is SO helpful in the face of uncertainty. So she’s created this mini-course as a great opportunity to explore what it feels like to trust again–in ourselves, in others, in the path we’re on in life. We start at the beginning of April and I’m SO excited! See more details here!

[Note: this is an affiliate link, but rest assured this course is completely FREE.]

Joy Container from Jes Baker!

For the past seven months, I’ve been a member of Jes Baker’s Patreon: the Joy Container! I have no connection to Jes other than being a fan of her work and patreon member, and I receive nothing in return for sharing this with you now (other than the Joy I feel when spreading the word about lovely things in the world).

Jes is a somatics coach (learn more about her here), and one of the things I love about her work is that she shares from info from both scientific and spiritual/magical sources, including a variety of info, tools, and approaches to taking care of our authentic selves (things like breathwork, playlists, funny memes, and book recs, just to name a few). Jes also shows up so authentically with her full self in a way that helps me embrace all of who I am. Learn more about Jes’s Joy Container here.

Free Weekly Joy Meditation

Of course, one of things helping me stay grounded during uncertain times is my meditation practice. Whether you have an existing meditation practice or not, I invite you to join me on Wednesdays for my free Joy Meditation class (10am PDT/1pm EDT). Details and registration can be found here.

What else?

I know the world (and especially the world wide web) is FULL of resources and support for when our humanness feels like too much, so let’s crowdsource! What/where do you turn to when you’re struggling? Email me and let me know!