We Need Remembering

📷 by Desiree Cassell

“We don’t need more information. We need remembering.” 

These wise words were said to me casually in conversation by my beloved friend and mentor Sylvia Poareo a few weeks ago. I felt their impact immediately during our talk, but their meaning has stayed with me. 

It seeps into me like water is absorbed by the desert or like plant medicine infusing into hot water. As I reflect on the 10+ years of wisdom and support I’ve received from Sylvia–as much as I gain from her weeklong retreats filled with deep healing, I still meet with her monthly in Conscious Mothering Circle to be reminded of our collective wisdom and intuition as mothers–I am struck by a feeling of immense gratitude for all she has helped me remember… about myself, about my children, about my purpose, about my joy. 

She recently did a series of talks on Reclaiming Ourselves, Reclaiming Our Familias during which she shared her ideas about supporting ourselves as parents and as individuals, about supporting our children through the muddy waters of social media, media, entertainment, and schooling, and about how to foster a spiritual & nature connection as we navigate a complicated, changing future. 

3D Life

One of these talks was when I learned about the idea of celebrating and prioritizing “3D Life”. I loved hearing Sylvia talk about how we, as humans, are meant to experience life in three dimensions, not the two-dimensional screens we so often interact with and that our children  (and ourselves!) seem so preoccupied (enamored?) with. That conversation helped me articulate with my own family about how much we, as a family value, want to make engaging in 3D Life a priority for us when choosing how and where to spend our energy. 

I’ve since shared this 3D Life concept with friends who are also parents and it seems to resonate with almost everyone. Yes, this is why it feels so good to walk in nature, see a play, or engage in connection with a friend over coffee/tea! And this is why it feels so crummy to binge a television show or scroll endlessly through social media. Yes, this is what my intuition already knows, but my busy modern mind sometimes forgets. 

“We don’t need more information. We need remembering.” 

Ever since Sylvia said these wise words to me, I’ve been inspired. You see, prioritizing 3D Life for me has meant shifting the kind of work I’m doing and the direction of my business. As I reflect on new skills I’m learning, practicing new ways of showing up and holding space, I really like this idea of guiding folks on a path of remembering… remembering their own truths and innate wisdom, of discovering what it looks like for them to honor life in three dimensions. 💛