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Homemade Gifts for the Holidays!

Though the last few months have seemed rather uneventful, I’ve actually been very busy making things… I’ve crocheted several blankets, hats, and scarves; I’ve mixed up herbal tinctures, bitters, and elixirs with interesting new-to-me flavor combinations; I’ve made up several batches of honey-fermented cranberries (using this recipe); and I’ve harvested, bundled, and dried various herbs […]

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A Return to Nature Medicine

Lastly, I’ve noticed more and more how healing it feels to return to nature medicine… through simple mindfulness activities that allow me to connect with the energy of mother nature, I feel nourished. These practices don’t take any special technique or supplies, just the willingness to not be distracted by external sources (television, music, social media, or the news) and a little time.

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