One-on-One Support

I provide individualized support through Embodied Mindfulness Coaching, a multifaceted approach to self-care based on my 10+ years of practicing meditation, intuitive movement, breathwork, yoga, Inner Bonding, energy medicine, and three years of training as a Wonder Botanica Guide. 

Starting with an assumption of wholeness and worthiness, I will assist you in processing your emotions and beliefs, to allow your body and mind a compassionate space for self-expression so that you may learn and grow more into your authentic self. Working only with what is on the surface in the present moment, this process is both gentle and healing at the same time; no need to push or go digging deep. Whether you’re new to mindfulness or have been practicing it for a while, my techniques support YOU in developing a new way of tuning into your own needs on a regular basis, helping you tap into your innate wisdom and intuition through mindfulness, body awareness, and connection to the energetic/spiritual realm. 

About Coaching:

Embodied Mindfulness Coaching is a two-way process, a space that you and I step into together: I am not here to ‘heal’ or ‘fix’ you, but more like I hold the intention and clarity of an energetic space for you to explore. The length, depth, and benefits of this process depend largely on your active participation, including a willingness to examine, experience, and take responsibility for your emotions and beliefs.

Sometimes I find it difficult to describe this work, but I think this review from a client sums it up nicely:

"I can't fully explain how meaningful the work we did was to me. Kristy really listened to me while also encouraging me to connect with my body, to tune in physically to how I was experiencing life, so that I could also listen to messages my body was trying to express. This is not a practice that I have ever done before, and yet it is one that I can now see is so important and that I will continue to develop and incorporate in my self-care. Kristy has a gift of cutting through any distractions, and bringing focus to those areas that are in need of attention. She asked very intuitive questions, which helped guide me to really tune-in to my body, and pinpoint somatic responses I was experiencing, and then to explore those. Her intuitive gift led to really focused and productive sessions, where I left feeling empowered on how to tend to myself and live in more authenticity. I would not hesitate to recommend her support to any of my friends. She is a gift."  ~Susanne 

How It Works:

In my experience, first-time clients benefit most when they step into the coaching relationship with a minimum 2-month commitment. We meet twice per month, by phone or videoconference, for up to an hour per session. Repeat clients are eligible for additional sessions on an à la carte basis.

Have something you want to work on but don’t think it will take 2 months? Email me; I’m happy to work with folks in a single session if it feels right. 

Investment (with payment plans available):

$300 for 2 months (4 sessions)
$600 for 4 months (8 sessions)
$900 for 6 months (12 sessions)

$85 ala carte sessions [available for repeat clients or special circumstances]

I have a limited number of coaching options available. If this experience is right for you and you feel called to it, I trust that you will know and be guided here. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am offering full and partial fee forgiveness for those whose finances have been affected by the pandemic. If you're interested in sessions but need to negotiate a reduced rate, please reach out.

Contact me to sponsor sessions for someone in need.

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If you are interested in booking a package, please email me with the word “Coaching” in the subject line.