I am still genuinely surprised when someone asks if they can buy one of my holistic living products. I didn’t set out to make money doing this because, for me, the thrill is truly in finding ways for my family to live more naturally and share them with others. Check out some of the items I’ve made below.

Health & Wellness

Cough-Be-Gone Oxymel

This tasty yet powerful oxymel (honey-vinegar infusion) is made with rich and soothing honey and healing apple cider vinegar for a sweet and tangy cough-busting remedy. Infused with ethically-harvested organic herbs chosen specifically to break up chest congestion, facilitate productive coughs, and soothe irritated tissues, you’ll be amazed at how delicious cold medicine can be! Available in 2 oz. dropper bottles; can be taken straight or diluted in water or tea.

$15 for 2 oz. dropper bottle

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry is a very old, well-known cold and flu remedy in Europe. It contains bioflavonoids and antioxidants as well as potassium, beta carotene, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Elderberry is used for “the flu” (influenza), H1N1 “swine” flu, and boosting the immune system. It is also used for sinus pain, back and leg pain (sciatica), nerve pain (neuralgia), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) . Some people use elderberry for hay fever (allergic rhinitis), as a laxative for constipation, to increase urine flow, and to cause sweating*. Made from certified organic elderberries, filtered water, and honey, my handcrafted Elderberry Syrup herbal remedy is perfect for helping fight off infection or simply maintaining wellness during the winter months. Appropriate for both adults and children over 2 years of age. Stock up now before cold/flu season hits your home!

Please Note: Honey should not be given to children under 1 year old.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

$12 for 4 oz. bottle
$20 for 8 oz. bottle

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

These handy essential oil roller bottles make it easy to keep your favorite therapeutic blends readily available whenever you need them!

Available in a variety of blends to meet your needs:

  • Boo-Boo Healing Blend – combination of anti-infective and healing essential oils designed for quick treatment of skin injury, making it the perfect alternative to antibiotic ointments (safe for children ages 6 months and up)
  • Immune Boosting Blend – mixture of germ-busting essential oils designed to knock out your illness before it starts (best for ages 6 years and up)
  • Rejoice Uplifting Blend – mixture of calming and uplifting essential oils designed to brighten your mood on gloomy days (best for ages 2 years and up)
  • Respiratory/Sinus Congestion Blend – combination of breathe-easy essential oils designed to open up clogged nasal passages (best for ages 2 years and up)
  • Cough/Chest Congestion Blend – break up that chest congestion and soothe that sticky cough with this mix of essential oils designed to target the lungs (best for ages 6 years and up)

All blends come in a 10 ml roller bottle with stainless steel roller and pre-mixed in a base of jojoba oil at approximately 5% dilution rate.

$16 for 10 ml roller bottle

Respiratory Tea Blend

Special blend of herbs designed to open nasal passages while healing and supporting the respiratory system. Made of certified organic, responsible grown and harvested herbs and blended with love. Contains elder flower, orange peel, peppermint, licorice root, marshmallow root, and thyme. Steep 1 heaping teaspoon Respiratory herbal tea blend per 1 cup hot water.

$5 for 1 oz. by weight (makes approximately 12-16 cups of tea)

Personal Care

Healing Body Butter

Made with only 100% all-natural ingredients–including certified organic oils, therapeutic grade Essential Oils, and the finest organically-grown herbs–my luxurious Healing Body Butter is as decadent as it sounds! Available in 4 varieties: Lavender & Frankincense, Citrus Vanilla, Lemon Lift, and Chocolate Mint. Each component is chosen based on its therapeutic properties for a truly healing moisturizer.

  • Shea Butter
    Derived from the Karite Tree, Shea Butter is the common among natural skin care recipes because of it’s ability to form a breathable yet water-resistant film on the skin. I always use 100% raw, organic, expeller-pressed, and unrefined Shea Butter in my products.
  • Coconut Oil
    Popular in skin care recipes or for use as a stand-alone moisturizer, Coconut Oil is rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and essential fatty acids to help build and maintain skill-cell structures, which helps to prevent the signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it is suitable for even sensitive skin. As always, I use only 100% raw, cold-pressed and unrefined Coconut Oil.
  • Natural Plant Oils
    Customized in each recipe, I choose healing plant oils and infuse them with certified organic and sustainably harvested herbs to enhance the therapeutic properties of each batch of my body butter. Customers can select from pre-made recipes developed for specific effects, or request custom-designed oils and/or herbs.
  • Essential Oils
    Utilized for both their therapeutic and aromatic qualities, I use only the highest quality Essential Oils; each combination of Essential Oils is carefully selected to compliment the healing and moisturizing aspects of my Handcrafted Body Butter as well as enhance mood.

$15 for 2 oz. jar
$25 for 4 oz. jar

Lip Balm

Made with only the finest ingredients–including organic plant oils, therapeutic grade Essential Oils, and the finest organically-grown herbs–my handcrafted Lip Balm softens lips naturally! Available in 3 varieties: Citrus Vanilla, Lavender Calendula, and Chocolate Mint.

$4 for 5 ml tube

Miracle Balm

Say goodbye to cracked, irritated skin with my handcrafted body balm and diaper rash salve! Made with key ingredients designed to soothe redness and irritation, speed healing, and prevent infection, this versatile salve can be used on hands, feet, body, and even baby’s bum. It is all-natural, handmade, and cloth-diaper safe! Ingredients include:

  • Calendula blossoms: known for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, calendula is a “healer of the skin;” it is moisturizing, protective, and soothing to injured skin, making it perfect for cuts, scrapes, wounds, acne, rashes, burns, and bruises.
  • Coconut oil: loaded with vitamin E + fatty acids like lauric acid, myristic acid, capric acid, and many more which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing, and anti-bacterial; it is a nourishing multivitamin and multi-nutrient for the skin.
  • Beeswax: this all-natural thickening agent also provides its many beneficial qualities to the salve, including being protective, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and wound healing.
  • Essential Oils: lavender and tea tree essential oils bring their antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative effects to round out the healing benefits of this salve.

$12 for 2 oz. jar

Stink-Out Natural Deodorant

Made from all-natural ingredients, this easy-to-use deodorant won’t stop the sweat but will keep away the stink! Available in 4 varieties: Lavender & Lemongrass, Lemongrass & Cypress, Fall Forest (Cypress, Frankincense, and Sage), Unscented. Simply apply a pea-sized amount to underarms and rub in until absorbed. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

$10 for 2 oz. jar

Custom Gift Bags

Design your own customized gift bags, filled with handmade self-care and/or herbal medicine goodies! Available products include:

  • Herbal Tea Blends
  • Miracle Balm
  • Body Butter
  • Essential Oils Blends
  • Essential Oil Roller Bottles
  • Lip Balm
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Cough-Be-Gone Oxymel
  • Gift Certificate for Yoga/Meditation

No matter your budget, I can create just the gift for that special someone! Not sure what to get? Contact me for personalized recommendations to fit your needs.