Herbal Wellness Classes

Inspired by my children to live a more holistic and natural lifestyle, I truly LOVE to share my herbal wellness tips with all I know and meet. Not just a sales pitch, my services are designed to help YOU harness the power of nature to foster a healthier lifestyle!

Below is a list of the typical classes I teach. If you have a group that is interested in learning more about the topics below, contact me to schedule your own class.

DIY Elderberry Syrup

Learn to make this delicious and popular cold/flu remedy for a fraction of what it costs in stores! Learn more here.

Designed for adults and children ages 8+.

Natural Remedies for Cold/Flu

learn how you can harness the power of nature to not only treat common cold and flu symptoms, but also to shorten your illness or prevent it altogether!

Detox Your Personal Care

Become empowered with tools to shop smart, learning tips & tricks for choosing nontoxic body care products and learn money-saving DIY recipes!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be a powerful instrument of healing… IF you know how to use them! I'll teach you how to safely use EO's. Whether you want to learn the basics or EO use for special populations and/or ailments, contact me to tailor a class to suit your needs.

Homemade Body Care

Become empowered to make your own body care with tips/tricks for quality DIY products that really work! Learn where to find quality ingredients, what works and why, and techniques for how to get the most for your money

DIY Herbal Remedies Series

4-Class Series teaches a variety of ways to utilize herbs for healing, nourishment, health maintenance, and first aid. Includes syllabus, recipes, and supplies.
Learn more here.