Group Classes

Embodied Mindfulness: Gentle Yoga for All Bodies

Yoga is more than just physical... it is an ongoing practice of choosing to pay attention to what it feels like to inhabit this body in the present moment.

This class combines breath awareness with mindful movement for an energizing yet relaxing experience. This is an all levels class designed to help deepen your connection between mind, body, and spirit.

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Guided meditation classes are a great way to extend your mindfulness practice and develop deeper self-understanding. Gentle words and questions support you on your journey inward, helping to uncover inner thoughts and feelings so that you may move through life with more intentionality and embodiment. 

Herbal Wellness

Designed to help YOU harness the power of herbs to foster a healthier lifestyle, these classes teach cost-saving ways to improve your family’s health and wellbeing, from making herbal remedies to changing out body care and cleaning products.