Embodied Mindfulness Circle

Small-Group Coaching

Individualized Attention ~ Community Support


Have you been wanting to start a mindfulness practice or deepen an existing practice?

Are you looking to develop a better connection to your intuition & inner knowing?

Do you long to spend more of your day-to-day life in an embodied, present state?

Does the idea of developing these skills in the presence of a supportive community appeal to you?

I developed Embodied Mindfulness Group Coaching Circle for those answering 'YES!' to these questions.

Each week will begin with a guided awareness/ meditation practice followed by individual mini coaching sessions. At the end of the 5-week program, members will have built a toolkit of at least 3-5 self-care exercises to use as needed AND received personalized support around issues specific to them, all while in community.

Primary Focus/Goals:

  • Developing somatic awareness
  • Using felt sense as a guide for self care and tapping into intuition
  • Fostering community and connection between group members

Additional Goals/Possible Outcomes:

  • Gaining awareness and acceptance of core self
  • Developing understanding of personal temperament, qualities, and strengths (celebrating authentic self)
  • Lifting off layers of judgment that stem from constructs such as colonialism, capitalism, and grind culture

Recordings of the guided practices only will be provided to group members for personal use. Group discussions and coaching sessions are not recorded to maintain confidentiality and foster community connection.

Why group coaching? It's the importance of community:

As humans, we are social beings longing for community connection. One of the most effective methods for combating stress is coming together with fellow humans with a shared purpose or goal (this is why activities such as team sports, choir, and book clubs feel so rewarding).

In addition, practicing embodiment in a group setting reminds us of how much we have in common, normalizing everyday struggles and fostering empathy for others as well as ourselves.

In short... it helps us not feel so alone.


Since this is my first time running a group coaching program, I'm offering a "Beta Test" run to 3-4 interested individuals. The Beta Test will be the full 5-week program offered at a low-cost sliding scale of $50-100 [that's 50-75% off] in exchange for your feedback and review. 

Contact me now if you'd like to sign up and I will reach out to coordinate meeting dates! 


Am I the right fit for this program?

These group coaching sessions are designed for anyone looking to start or deepen an embodied mindfulness practice. A basic level of awareness of your own body and nervous system is recommended.

These sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or working one-on-one with a licensed medical and/or psychological professional. If you are currently in crisis, right now may not be the right time to participate.

How long is the program?

The program will meet weekly for five weeks. Each meeting lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a short (10-15 minutes) guided meditation practice followed by individual coaching mini-sessions with time for community feedback and support.

When do we meet?

Due to the nature of the 'beta test' run, meeting dates will be determined based on member availability. Future programs will have meeting dates posted in advance.

Where do we meet?

Meetings are held virtually via teleconferencing software (or you can also join by phone). This helps make the program more accessible to participants in multiple locations while keeping program costs more affordable.

How big are the groups?

Each five-week program is limited to 3-5 participants. This insures each member is allowed ample time during their individual mini-session, while also promoting an intimate group feel and fostering connection between group members.

How much is the program?

Each five-week program is $200 per person (which works out to $40 per meeting).

What if I don't like the program? Can I get a refund?

Members may request a full refund for any reason within 24 hours after the conclusion of the first meeting. Requests must be submitted in writing via email. Due to the short nature of the program, and to encourage attendance and promote cohesion within the group, there are no refunds available after the start of the second meeting even if you cannot participate for any reason.

Contact me now if you'd like to sign up and I will reach out to coordinate meeting dates!