Garden Wisdom

This is my first bloom on the rose bush I put in last fall! I’m beyond excited at the prospect of all the lovely healing medicine I’m going to make from homegrown roses and rose hips in the coming years.
Tending to my garden has become one of the single most powerful parts of my mindfulness practice. If you’re interested in stepping away from distractions and tuning in to the present moment, I highly suggest you try tending to plants.

Whether you’re growing them yourself (a backyard garden, herbs in a patio pot, or indoor plants) or taking in the beauty of nature around you (watching the changing seasons at the park, watching the growth of the mountainside on a hike or drive, or simply noticing the weeds in the crack of the sidewalk), tending to nature requires mindfulness… and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all earthly things.
I know it will be a while before I’m able to make all the rose-infused goodies I’m planning (rose honey, rose vinegar, rosehip cake, mmmmm 🤤) but this little blossom gives me so much hope.