Sage Wisdom

I went out into the garden today… a long overdue trip after an emotionally rocky winter.

I was exploring rock energy for a class but got distracted by the new growth on my sage plant.

As I marveled at her beauty and tenderness, I asked if she would share a leaf with me so that I may share in her magic. Alas, she decided she was too new and too tender to be shared just yet and asked me to be patient.

This was hard to accept, but in furthering examining her newness I noticed the bright calendula blossoms behind her, practically begging to share their medicine with me.

So I ran to get my garden shears and clipped away, thinking of the healing generosity of this plant that I will infuse into oil for salves and soap, and leaving enough buds behind for more goodness to grow later.

Sometimes it can be easy to take nature’s gifts for granted but today I’m awash in gratitude for her lessons. 🌱🌼