Tired Intentions

So it’s almost the end of October and I’m already tired.

And honestly… I debated whether or not to share that with you. Mostly because it seems as though exhaustion has become a sort of modern-day badge of honor, and I do NOT want to feed into the premise that to be “successful” or “doing it right” means to constantly feel exhausted. I actually feel just the opposite.

But the truth is that I am tired… for many reasons. Family obligations, friends’ birthday parties, school events, and the upcoming election have all been the focus of so much of my mental and physical energy. It’s been stressful, but honestly not as stressful as the most important piece: I haven’t been very good about staying on top of my own self-care; I’ve let myself fall behind on the little things like making sure I eat breakfast, find time for my yoga and meditation practice, and remember to brush my teeth. As a result, I’ve felt forgotten and discarded, leaving me with even less energy to face each new day ahead.

The Holidays are Coming…

As the weather begins to cool (even in sunny SoCal), I am reminded that the busy holiday season is coming. And this current routine of putting myself last is a recipe for disaster.

So I deliberately chose to schedule some time for myself this morning. I made myself breakfast and gave myself permission to enjoy it. I lit some lovely incense made by one of my favorite herbalists. I put on comfy clothes, wrapped myself in a snuggly blanket, and sat in the lovely billowing frankincense smoke that filled my living room. I put on soothing music and did a short yoga practice, tuning in to what my body and breath needed from me in that moment. Then I put on some fun music and danced a little love song to myself… and it felt so good that I actually started to cry.

While We’re On the Subject of Holidays…

Last night on social media I saw this:

To some of you, these three simple rules may seem like common sense. But to many, they can be very radical ideas of how to take care of yourself in the face of societal values and expectations that put profits and other people’s opinions over your own well-being. Don’t let the humor in that last one fool you… your hunger is just as important as your mental and financial health (and truly none of it is anyone else’s business).

Intention & Practice

And so now, with all of you as my witnesses, I’m setting the intention to not forget myself in the day-to-day rush this winter. To include my own little girl in planning a holiday season that will feel nourishing, joyful, and thankful to all of us.

Part of that means continuing to set some time aside for yoga and meditation, both by myself and with others. My weekly group meditation class continues throughout November and December (see my schedule here) and I’m open for more private sessions (in studio, at your home, or by phone).

I already feel more motivation, and I’m looking forward to holding space for others as a part of my own mindful living…. come join me!