New Year, Renewed Focus for 2018

For a lot of people I know, the past year has been a rough one (myself included). But after spending a few weeks in reflection, I realized the many positive experiences I had in 2017… sprinkled throughout the tough moments. And that’s what they really were… just moments in time, with struggles and feelings that ebbed and flowed like water making a path for itself as it trickles down a mountain.

Looking ahead to this new year, I am renewing my focus on the present moment. Holding space for whatever is now, knowing that it will soon change (as is the nature of the journey). And part of my “now” involves making plans as well, looking to grow my practice and the services I offer; and I am excited about what is to come!

Whatever your present moment brings you, I hope we can connect soon, whether it be in group classes, private sessions, or virtually through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Until then, I wish you well!